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Staff Development Program: UIN Antasari

3.13 Soft Programs

3.13.1 UIN Antasari

The staff development program aims to improve quality of lecturers and administrative personnel, quality of education, and to prepare candidate lecturers for the opening of new study programs to transform UIN Antasari into Islamic University. This will be achieved through investments in four components: (1) degree and non-degree training; (2) research and teaching grant; (3) research consortia; (4) curriculum development; and (5) certification and accreditation.

  1. Degree and non-degree trainings

Degree training is designed for doctoral and masters. Overseas doctoral program is planned for existing lecturers studying at non-ASEAN countries and the masters for candidate lectures for new study programs in chemical engineering, information technology, Syariah accounting, library science, paralegal, public health science, mathematics, civil engineering, and physics. Non-degree training program is designed for administrative personnels which covers (a) administration management training, (b) overseas training on higher education management, and  (c) Training For ICT Operators. All the programs above are also supported by other training, workshops and courses such as (a) overseas training on research university, (b) workshop on writing for international journal, (c) workshop on plagiarism, and (d) intensive language courses in arabic and english.

  1. Research and teaching grant

Research and teaching grant will be given to existing lecturers to improve the quality of their teaching and researches in various fields of study such as through the implementation of educational activities, research, workshops, publications, patent and preparing for seminars or international conferences. The management of the research also gurantees that its output for publication will be safeguarded in terms of its originality using plagiarism scanner or detection tool.

  1. Partnership and research collaboration

Partnership and research collaboration or reseach consortia is designed for collaborative-research among the members of the 6in1 project on the issues of “Moderate Indonesian Islam” and other related issues. The activities include: establishment workshop, workshop proposal development for joint research, collaboration workshop at the other UIN/UIN hosts, hosting fellow domestic researchers, comparative study, inbound program, grant for research implementation, research monitoring and evaluation, joint seminar and publication, and collaboration seminar at the other UIN/UIN hosts.


  1. Curriculum development

Training for curriculum development aims to improve the capacity of the lectures in designing curriculum and instruction in line with national standard. Strengthening the existing curriculum with various activities such as comparative study, need analysis of on-going curriculum, Focused Group Discussion (FGD) on development of life-based learning curriculum, FGDs on graduate’s competency standard, the development of content standard, learning process standard, assesment standard, development of curriculum structure and subject description, development of supporting elements of the curriculum, development of learning materials, development of quality assurance instruments of the curriculum implementation, and technical analysis.

  1. Certification and accreditation

Certification and accreditation component  will prepare and improve the quality of the institution and programs of study by preparing accreditation procedures. The standard for for certification and accreditation referes to ISO certification for the institution and AUN QA Certification for programs of study.